Infinity Mind

Schoolmasters,  scholars, psychologists, psychiatrists,contemporary poets/versifiers, Western Religious leaders,Western Philosophers, bookworms, Intellectuals called mutukallimun  (people of words) in Islam  who originated with Hassan the old man of the mountains: Assassins, now suicide bombers, killers of Sufis.  Excess verbalisers are prone to this widespread malady that is almost totally unrecognised especially by themselves, yet it leads to severe mental conditions; eg neuroses and depressions coming from poverty in words.

Another shortcoming from the same source is humour; there are huge divisions in humour between people of the same race  and even more so between different races stemming from the same verbalisers and those with infinity minds. Infinity minds have infinitely more resources than verbalisers enabling them to see jokes and humour that are far more diverse. My friend Sandeep,  empowerer of  the Youth of India as Representative of the Duke of Edinburgh, said that competition between word thinkers and infinity minds is not fair. Nothing  competes with infinity mind. Creative infinity mind is a brain expanded to  infinity. In contrast word thinkers are deprived minds, thinking at a minimum level, struggling in every fields like superior troglodytes. By every field I mean one’s whole life: As Executive, General, Poet, Artist  in everything they fall hopelessly  short.  Trogs   seem an appropriate epithet for such people.

Infinity mind is the way of thought of Prophets: Buddha ,Christ and Mohammed as well as the Saint Rumi-----they lacked only modern techniques such as advanced mathematics. Everything verbalisers encounter, they verbalise even sacred scriptures being  blind to beauty and the wonderlands of infinity mind.

Ted Falconer

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