Rule-of-law society

Why how we do anything means everything ....
Dov Seidman in the book states

"We live in a rule-of-law society, and due to our history of ever evolving toward fairer rule making, we have grown very comfortable with rules. In fact, our reliance on them has become part of the problem; we turn to law to solve too much. If the law says we can, then we do. We're very good at can versus can't thinking. Our habits of mind are so strong in this area, in fact, that we've become muscle-bound, as overdeveloped as a bodybuilder trying to touch his toes - strong but inflexible. We overrespect rules, which leads us into a quagmire where all our actions get mucked up in the spectrum of legal permissibility. We're strong in this way that we begin to feel like we can do anything as long as we obey the law."

What we need is to live a 'principled life' and no more a 'life of principles'. Yes we do preach a lot, let us introspect, do we practice? The world today needs people who are not only following the rule-of-law society but are helping build an exemplary life with respect for each-and-every person, this will free us from the Rule-of-law society and that will be the true freedom for all of us. Let us work towards a life that is lived to the fullest and is valued to the full limit.

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