Sandeep joins Sector Skill Council for Plumbing

The Plumbing Industry faces the mammoth challenge of huge gap between the supply of skilled labour and the demand of skilled labour. A very small percentage of the plumbing workforce is actually skilled in India. And it becomes our duty as plumbing professionals and members of IPA and other various plumbing related organizations and associations to to ensure that skilled and certified manpower in adequate numbers is provided across industries using plumbing skills to raise plumbing standards in India to global levels. 

The need for skilled labour in the plumbing sector and plumbing sector being the most neglected yet the most important sector from the point of view of health and sanitation and its importance in the Construction Sector, was thus born the Indian Plumbing Skills Council – which is headed by like minded plumbing industry heavyweights and professionals who have dedicated their lives towards the advancement of the plumbing industry. IPSC is a Sector Skill Council  for the plumbing industry in India to cater to its specific needs and demands. NSDC (National Skills Development Council) will support IPSC to develop the certificate programme for the plumbing industry.

Sandeep Dutt is  the first Operations Head the SSC for plumbing.

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