Three wonderful years

Dear Volunteers, young leaders and family,

A small thank you note on the completion of my term as the Hon. National Director for IAYP in India.

You endearing smiles and the selfless spirit have really been a source of tremendous joy to many and more for me. At this hour when I have decided to move on, thought did owe you an answer for not being here to be your mentor anymore. Life they say is a journey and there are some wonderful pit stops on the way, the past three years were one such utopia. Felt the energy and found the youth in each of the lovely people who walked along with me.

Over three decades of being with the Award, have had the biggest joy of making thousands feel rewarded, and this was my good fortune. The fantastic team of young people we have...had the world in awe, and no
one can thank you all enough for the selfless work and the blind faith in us and sometimes in me alone. Yes, have never worked for any badge or any form of paper recognition and never will; it is your true love that has been my greatest reward. Hope to live up to your expectations and not have a mere recognition to hang on the wall.

In this argumentative nation of ours, we have people who want power, but believe me they will never become powerful. To be empowered you have to lead to where you feel you most cherish. Yes, the past three years, the prime of my work life have had the big honor and privilege of having your trust in me, and do apologize for not being able to continue despite all your faith in me.

Last few days for all of us have been an emotional drain as we are the Award Family and not really an organization, as some perceive. Please do continue your good work, and will always be there with you. Yes,
will miss the wonderful interns and the hordes of university volunteers; the good times; the gangs; the party times and the fun with Nivi, BIvujit Sir, Chittaranjan bhaiya and many more!

Yes have moist eyes and a lump in the throat, as a great reward for the good times and the bonhomie we have had. Will live with you always.

Yours ever,

Sandeep Dutt
86 Shahpur Jat, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi 110049, India

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