Round Square Schools

These schools practice genuinely Hahnian (professed by Kurt Hahn) principles and ideals of education. They have their fundamental objective in the full development of every pupil - academic, physical, cultural and spiritual. This objective is reflected in the curriculum of each school which, through its comprehensive nature, enables such development.

ServiceIn striving to achieve a balance between self-improvement and self-sacrifice in the interests of others, Round Square schools develop in the pupils qualities of skill and care. The pupils are educated in concepts and practice of service to the needy in their local communities. There is an active concern for the environment, and in tackling environmental problems.

ChallengeThese schools are committed to train the appreciation of physical health and moral fortitude through the challenge and adventure of outdoor pursuits.

ResponsibilityEducation in the value of democracy is essential in the schools’ pupils, particularly appreciating the importance of self-discipline, are trained and obliged, through partnership with adults in the school community, to take an active part in the running of the school. A high level of responsibility is thrown upon them both individually and collectively. Freedom of thought and speech is encouraged, with appropriate forums and channels of communication.

Global PerspectiveThese schools aim to be international and welcome pupils of all nationalities. The students learn to appreciate the value of cultures, languages and religions other than their own and see themselves as genuinely international citizens.

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