Imagination of the thought gods.

Kathleen’s Temenos- world of imagination carries us into Tagore’s Play  House of infinite forms and our infinity mind, which is the same Play House. And beyond the Thought gods and Valhalla and Olympus, is Dunsany’s Castle of the King of Elfland and the martyred Sheikh of the Emerald Cities of Ishraq. Renaissance is the same world of Imagination and Liberation and Qays’ abandoned Kingdom, given up for beauty.

Lack of visual images is the blinding of the soul and lack of the infinity mind is its death. Instead ‘we make our bodies a house of pictures.’ Mystic sounds of the ocean are the songs of the soul, like the songs of mermaids when shells are held to the ear.
I see only two portraits on the wall of a building at Princeton University : Einstein and Dirac. They represent this new species seen throughout human history: Leonardo was one, Rumi and  Newton others.

From my friend Ted Falconar

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