Good words for The YES Way

I found the whole programme very energetic and knowledgeable. This programme/ workshop has marked some different challenges infront of me.
-Pallavi Bhardwaj

There should be additional workshops, as a continuation to this one. This was very interesting and made me realize what I lack to be a leader (honestly). So that is why I would love  to attend another workshop as a continuation.

I really feel good by joining this workshop and I would like to become YES mentor. I am definitely going to convince youth or engaging youth of our school as per their areas of interest.
-Neeru Gupta

A really nice motivational program. The ability to change lies within a person himself.
-Nirvaan Garg

Apart from the activities there should be a interaction about the dreams of his/her ventures and what he/she should pursue in the future. Provide the strategies of what an individual person wants to carry on. Lastly it was a very great & healthy interaction. I really enjoyed and through your inspirational workshop we would increase in life by leaps and bounds.
-Gaurav Singh

This was the first time I did shots (Cadbury)!
-Surya Pahal

I am in class 8 right now and I was not sure before this workshop whether to join IAYP or not but YES has actually convinced me a lot and I would love to prove that “I am a Young Person.” I will surely reach till the best levels I could. Thanks a lot and seriously had FUN.
-Navya Kalra

It was really refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this. Sandeep Sir & Devyani Ma’am were really good. We laughed, played games, made projects, showed presentations, and ate toffees. This was a really good ecperience.
-Muskan Periwal

Fair enough I never considered myself to be the right person to make decisions in my life. But after this session I was extremely thrilled and realized it is me who has the right to carry on with my life as I want to. So hats off!! I hope we have such sessions again in near future.
-Radhika Agarwal