The Bird Song

It is a new dawn and we all need to wake up. For many to wake up is yet another challenge of the day. The birds chirp, sing and do all they can to wake you up, but you are waiting for the rude alarm to ring.

Young people today often  use the alarm or are alarmed, I dare say to wake up. This is the hard reality, and believe me once you wake up to the bird song you will see a new world, the window opens and the mind soars. The uplift is really heady, look out and feel the energy of the winged wonders and soar high in the sky.

Raise your aspirations or raise the bar and you will feel the new found energy in yourself. Take a deep breath and your new day will make the new way for you. The lungs filled with fresh air, the ears with the melody of the bird song, see the endless blue sky (if you are fortunate), feel the cool breeze and touch the new dawn. You are sure to feel an extra sensory perception. Youth is about crossing new frontiers and let the sky be the limit, have the free spirit of the birds and sing your hearts best melody today.

Have a great day!