Volunteer Opportunities at Bali, Rajasthan

Starting with 11 students in 1992, today there are nearly 1000 students with 40% female enrollment. Students come from various villages across a 30 kilometer radius and are transported via one of the many school buses. The school maintains a teacher to student ratio of 1:30. The academic year runs from April to March. The school has been affiliated with India’s premier educational board, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), since 1997 and has produced consistently good results at the Class X Board exams every year. It has been allotted as a CBSE board exam centre for the annual board exams where students from schools across the area appear for their exams at The Fabindia School.

In keeping with its holistic approach to education, the school offers extensive extra curricular programs in addition to its comprehensive academic courses.  School activities include a wide range of sports programs including opportunities to participate in regional tournaments, as well as drama, debate, arts and crafts, music, environmental education and community service to provide a well rounded education.  Students also have the unique opportunity to go on educational field trips both within the state and beyond.  For many students these trips are their first time away from home and the exposure to other cities and towns creates lifelong impressions.

While focusing on the local culture, the school also frequently welcomes visitors, trained specialists and volunteers from across India and overseas who contribute towards the campus, teaching and sharing their experiences with the students. This unique cross-cultural exposure creates a well-informed and broad minded student body. As many visitors have remarked, the energetic students show a respect for their culture and traditions but have a clear sense of the world around them.

Since the school first started, every year it has hosted a small group of volunteers, often from another country, to spend anywhere from one month to six months teaching at the school.   While most of the volunteers come as part of an official sponsoring program, such as the Red Cross Nordic United World College program, this is not required.  We encourage you to contact us directly to learn more about volunteer opportunities.