Found my groove!

Finally after years of what some call volunteer or pro bono work have decided to follow my true entrepreneur self. Like it is often said 'enough is enough' have now got on to the track of building another business, yes it will still be education and young people alone.

My first day of freedom, this first day of June 2012, has been full of ideas and think the genie in me now has me in control.  Building on the platform of Brewing Knowledge am all set to design and build a new enterprise. Friends, family and even fans (being rather immodest) all want me to be my real self and not get boxed in to a routine job. Need to read and lead as is the way for many.

June will be time with family, a big break from the routine job work and brain storm to look ahead. Happy to partner and work for helping train, empower and fire up people to be leaders. 

Schools Can Change