Champion for the young people

Sandeep has over the years been invited to many industry, government, social sector and education sector presentations for not only exchanging views, but also help in policy and development issues.

Volunteer for over three decades and worked pro bono for over three years as Hon. National Director with The Award Programme Foundation, that has a network of over 300 schools, colleges and education institutions in India. The Foundation runs on campus training and development programmes with partnering schools, colleges and institutions. With easy access to the students, teachers, instructors and Award Leaders, work to build socially conscious youth groups. The main aim is inclusive social growth, and equip for life the young of India, as per the aims of the National Youth Policy. For more please visit

Well connected with schools, educationists, institutions, corporate sector and government. The portal Good Schools of India is today a major resource with NDTV as media partner.

The compilation, Guide to Good Schools of India, now in its seventh edition, is a useful handbook.  It is useful, of course, to parents, at whom it is primarily directed.  Education—and when I say education in this context, I mean private education—is booming in India.  Drive through any small to big town or city in India, and you will see evidence of the boom.  From paper leaflets to huge billboards, the advertising of new schools is relentless.  This offends some people. Yet, what is undeniable and heartening is that this is evidence of the boom in education—and in the long run that can only be good.  More schools mean more opportunities and choices for India’s children and parents.

Sandeep has over 25 years of hands on experience and has been involved with schools across the country and worked with students in all kinds of socio-economic environments. Made presentations for projects with the Govt. of Meghalaya, Govt. of Uttarakhand, State Govt. of Delhi and the Min of Youth and Sports  and the Australian Sports Commission to help build a curriculum for enabling young people to equip for life.

Champion for youth empowerment and works to:

  • Help build patriotic sentiment in youth
  • Advocate issues / champion causes
  • Offer the youth a voice
  • Human capital development
  • Enabler of Youth learning
  • Work for training and capacity building

Sandeep sees the possibility of a nation where every school offers young Indian the opportunity to be rewarded for challenging themselves, rewarded for engaging with adult mentors, rewarded when finishing school, and rewarded for giving back to their communities. We can help connect young Indians with new opportunities to change their world.

Schools Can Change