A new Golden Age of Humanity

Creativity and the Infinity mind with  the endless quest for beauty of Einstein, together with the method of Synectics gives life joy and success. This is what I strove for in Creative Wisdom whose  website is the conclusion of this book.

I now wish to work on the Renaissance that the poet Doctor Kathleen Raine after reading my books said  I was someone who could help those like Schopenhauer who thought it was imminent. It was not long before I decided that the Renaissance was already here in the Scientific Renaissance and had been here for three hundred years unknown to the world.

I believe it promises humanity a future incomparably better than the single dimensioned  word mind that dominates our confused thoughts today. The remedy is the Map of Enlightenment of Korzybski that revolutionised my thought and changed my life. There will be a new Golden Age of Humanity.    

Ted Falconar

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