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At the 2009-2012 Recession The Harvard Business School was shocked to discover that their best students went on to become some of the worst failures as heads of companies. Word knowledge has always  caused failures  eg Generals and Business Managers, because it gives glib familiarity with subjects, never understanding, let alone mastery. It lets people pass exams and  provides eloquent speech causing Korzybski to call them ‘superior imbeciles.’ Even the higher understanding gained from creative  infinity minds (eg of scientists) has to  be tested. You might question why Professors at the Harvard Business School are not aware of this. The answer? They all come from the same verbal schooling.

The infinity mind uses most of the mind and leads to really living the full life of joy. It transforms work into a creative wonderland and reduces recreation and holidays to mere escapes from what is called drudgery by the ignorant. Creativity  and infinity mind is a magic wand waved over a life so that it is transformed and will never be the same again. These scientists of the Quanta and the infinity mind are the greatest brains ever.

So they are worthy of being in the vanguard of the Renaissance: worthy of our study and imitation. Theirs is a revolution at work and living. They are super beings, not supermen but superminds. Renaissance  is an advance of humanity in Evolution. To the infinity mind is added the super-conscious of the hissing oceanic poets, like Rumi, which is  a farther dimension  already in the Map of Enlightenment that adds magic to life.

Many of the greatest minds spoke of standing on the shoulders of giants. eg Newton and Einstein. This imitation is like the Japanese imitating the British Navy and my copying the method of Incentive Management of James  Lincoln in his Lincoln Electric Company. I was a dunce at school but I was inspired by a genius: Dr Zeera P.Charnoe from whom I learned that our minds have limitless potential.

Ted Falconar

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