My friend Ted writes in and sets the tone for 2012

Words are artificial substitutes for reality, from them all the subtle reality is leached out. Paul Dirac used beauty to find his greatest discoveries and it worked: Beauty is real. Word thinking can never understand Quantum Physics-the greatest puzzle the human race has ever faced, which needed its own language to make it comprehensible, just as Newton needed calculus. Beauty is more even than Dirac, an atheist, thought. It is the divine signature that Dr Kathleen Raine called it. Moreover God is not the verbal God that word thinkers suppose, it is a higher concept of the creative mind like the Ichor.

Thought in words leads to estrangement from reality; and even those who have not entirely succumbed  to this terrible illusion are more or less harmed by it. Thus creative religion has become lost to these two categories of word thinker, especially in the West, its teaching becoming ugly for verbal scholarship destroys beauty; only its hymns of an earlier time were joyful and inspiring.
Words desensitize the mind so that it is blinded to beauty; word thinkers remind me of John Buchan’s zombies, drugged officials of   “The Courts of the Morning”.(Los Patios de La Manyana). Contrast them with the supreme  Quantum physicists and mystic poets in their search for beauty and the joy of the infinity mind.   
Rivalry between religions is sickening;  all religion should together be a force for good working in harmony. The most beautiful ideas in the world have come not from poetry but religion of mystics and now Quantum Physics. These sublime ideas should  be collected just as I have made a start on this in my Creative Wisdom.  Words don’t cause waffle, they are waffle; accurate speech comes by  translations from the infinity mind: the whole brain. And who can suppose that neglecting  most of the mind can be beneficial, think of the encouragement it gives to atrophy.  The escape from word thinking has to be through infinity mind and its twelve dimensions. Again this is only a start and other dimensions will surely follow.

We were lost for thousands of years in verbal illusion and only now have a few Quantum physicists, transcendental poets and Eastern Enlightened beings  escaped the thrall of words that limit us to the veneer or appearance of reality. Infinity mind is already progressing in the Science Renaissance. ~The super-conscious is the way the infinity mind can be harnessed through extreme relaxation, which I write  about the hissing of the ocean of poets like Kabir and Rumi; it gives a marvellous clarity enabling the subtlest problems to be solved.

A final statement for Creative Wisdom and my 31 year  quest following Einstein-Korzybski:- ‘ The highest intelligence of Science in Quantum Physics  of the West and Enlightenment of India in the East refer in their different  ways to the  same  Reality:  The TRUTH.’

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