It all begins with fun!

Fundamental, too begins with 'fun', and also has 'mental' in it.

Any form of  learning must begin with fun and then move to mental, break the word and read as fun-da-mental. I will dare to explain this as fun with mental ability.You get the true meaning of fundamental, hope the linguists will note censure me for this rather overt interpretation. Their quest for learning and the stereotype thinking will challenge them to connect with the young people. Only if fun is meant for all will there be any form of creative learning.

Today we talk of learning beyond the classroom, and we simple move to a space below the sky, without actually the creative ability to use the fun element. All sociologist and even most educationist rely on life skills to initiate learning and education. The key element of life skills is 'fun' alone, and this has been the proven as well as tested method too for  working with beginners and adults. We rely on ice-breakers, mind games, brain storm... all enforces the hypothesis that it is 'fun' that makes it happen. It is imperative for us as mentors to engage with youth and never miss out the fun.

When the word fundamental begins with fun, there is no reason we can ignore FUN.

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