Words are artificial human

Words are artificial human noises leading us to an artificial life, whereas visualization is a language near reality. Scholars and others who have a particular fondness for books and reading are open to brain washing so they  lose visualization and worst of all enter an artificial world and become alienated from reality. Korzybski said they were not insane but UNSANE: that is they live in a verbal world not reality. This might be called verbalitis or scholitis. It is manifest in some intellectuals who are lost or incompetent in the real world; and in Islam ( having a   more verbal schooling than ours) they are called the people of words  (mutukallimun)  and being unhappy, they make good suicide bombers.

Scientists such as Einstein thought in the real world of visualization with its beauty and vastness and its memorability and swiftness; using words only for the purpose of communication with other humans. My thought is in visual images, visualization being an infinite language with infinite ideas  giving infinite answers and hope. It is  not an artificial language of word-noises that lead to an artificial life rather it is a language as near to reality as it is possible to be; for images are real pictures of real things.

AEI Falconar 
- my friend and mentor

Schools Can Change