Education is not a process

The only way to make a better world is to empower the youth with intelligence and not education. Education is a mere tool and often promoted as a panacea of all evils. What we need to do is equip for life the young and find the ways to motivate the young people and ensure leaning is real good fun. To get marks and yet not be empowered to take charge of one’s life is the biggest challenge for one and all.

Over the years and going back to civilizations we are certain to find that the word as brought of us by Gutenberg and one that looks at all in writing is not the best way to teach and empower. One who simply reads is not complete and yet one who writes too is not able to work up a livelihood, where do we stand when we say that we have to teach all to read and write and be literate enough?

Young people have to equip for life, this is what parents and generations have been championing. The years of the transfer of knowledge from guru to ‘shishya’, have time and again proven that we have to imbibe learning and not be in it as a process or a drill. For the young to live their dreams, they will need a holistic environment and this goes beyond the mere outcomes of the ‘sarva siksha abhiyan’ or the slogan ‘education for all’. The crafts that have come to has as tradition, the arts that we have, the work of many a great thinkers and leading minds all go to show that there is more to empowering than simply giving education as a process.

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