Empowerment of Youth

My friend and philosopher guide Ted writes...

In a recently published article in the Guardian there were the champion memories of  Europe and America. Our ancestors did not worry about words or telephone numbers, they just had to go out and hunt for dinner and know how to bring it home. Thus the spatial memory is vital not the verbal. So contestants learn  to put mnemonics in the form of visual images against the words they have to remember. Schools teach words that are the worst things to remember so they have to be rote learned. I suggest it is also because they are unrelated to anything else whereas total mind is a built-in mnemonic.

Teaching of the verbal part of the mind is worse than useless. Einstein's mind had at least twelve dimensions, Creative Scientists do not use words except for communication...
1. Senses 20-30, not just five (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste). Micromegas of Voltaire had near 1000!;
2. Visualization;
3. Imagination;
4. Intuition;
5. Creativity
6. Subconscious - sleep on a problem, but unaware how it works.
7. Creative Hemisphere, Bolte-Taylor's visual Nirvana brain. 'My Stroke of insight', lost her left or utility brain and found herself in the creative brain;
8. Super conscious of Aurobindo, it harnesses total brain, it hisses like the ocean. (Kundalini & Western Mystery Ceremonies). Rumi's poetry came from it;
9. Vision - Telescopic;
10. Beauty of Creative Rapture was Einstein's lifelong quest - beautiful laws of Nature;
11. Higher mathematics;
12. A lifelong purpose. Maslow's 9 Human needs.

A third of young people/students leave having lost their visualization ability. Pestalozzi schools in Switzerland teach visualization, one of their students was Einstein. He and Poincare hated rote learning of facts and words. Einstein did not think in words but visual images. Relativity came to him from thought experiment. A light ray on a train pursued by an observer in a bus.

In Industry, James Lincoln's workers; produced four times that of other companies and were paid twice as much. Every suggestion of workers were paid 100% of its savings. I was put in charge of Tetley Tea's. 1000 people and copied Lincoln. We doubled the productivity in three years and from a loss making company it became a hugely profitable. It takes workers six months to realize you the manager are on their side: then you can apply incentives and generous suggestion systems. Workers and managers should work to make the most money and provide the best security possible; the only argument is about the division of the spoils.

Creativity and the European obsessions with Renaissances of which the present is that of Science for 400 or so years; is a vision of real hope for humanity.

Students/young people need guidance in life and I have found a better than Maslow's Ascending Hierarchy of human needs:
1. Warmth and shelter.
2. Food.
3. Safety.
4. Feelings of belonging.
5. Love from someone e.g. mother.
6. Self-esteem.
7. Esteem of others.
8. Peak Experience or Creative Rapture.
9. Achievement of creativity.

After each need is fulfilled (or transcended) by religion etc; the being grows spiritually. The highest were called 'self-actualization' and are ready for the highest experiences of life. This I think is a marvelous blueprint for living.

All the best, TED

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