Live it up!

“Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal.” 
- Author Unknown 

From Power of Now to The Prizeall espouse the life at the present moment. The young live for the present moment, and this is the best possible gift. While the grown ups one plan for the future and hope to live it, the young feel yesterday is a bore and tomorrow may not come...this is the life and that is where the challenge lies.

All strategic plans and crystal ball gazing has no meaning, if this one life is not lived with fun and more so by making the most of it. We the mentors have a lot to learn from this and need to ensure that there is more learning with fun and this is the most essential element to help us connect with the young. There is only one life, and we need to live this in harmony and not in contradiction with the youth. 

The young have aspirations that must be lived today, and not be retained as dreams for tomorrow. The now generation as the youth are often labelled, affirms the belief that life is now, they want it all instant, from food to fun and to learning. Today is the best time, with a free flow of knowledge and a virtual world, we have to make the most and make now the best time of our lives.

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