Stand alone with pride

Youth leadership is the need of the hour, and will come about when we break free.

Break free from th pack, from the peers, from the taboos and from any efforts to curtail freedom. As a leader every young person must stand alone and challenge oneself to live up to ones own expectations. Need to look ahead, think fresh and be honest to yourself. Often they say, it is very lonely on top, this makes us follow the herd and often fall down from the pedestal of leadership.

Challenging young people everywhere is the only way to build leadership. Need of the hour to enable and equip each to his ability and become a leader. True leadership is to find what makes you stand out and then doing all to make it happen.

Stand up, live your dreams and lead without fear, each follower looks for a leader, the opportunity is endless. Lead on and you will stand up with pride.

Sandeep Dutt
Award Programme Foundation