Friends Forever

 Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.  ~Author Unknown

When we win hearts, there is joy and this brings to us the fun in the learning process. Each one of us wants to be friends, with our teacher, parent, peer, senior or any other individual and with one self too! 

Friends are of all ages, colour, sizes and culture. Few (less fortunate ones specially) do not get to taste friendships because our kids avoid them for various reasons. On the other hand we also have very high profile people who sit lonely on the pinnacle of their achievements. People are in awe of such people as a result no one reaches out to them and they remain lonely.

The only way to move ahead with any learning is to build communication links and win hearts. Yes, as humans we are compassionate and need to live in a community, the only way to live as a good society is to bind with the heart. So how should we reach out to them? 

We will together explore and find ways to reach out and build friends forever. There is the need to look for mentors and friends everywhere...

1.   Parents as friends
2.   Teachers as friends
3.   Peers as friends
4.   Seniors as friends
5.   People with challenges as your dear friends
6.   Icons or Stars as your friends
7.   Yourself as a friend

True leaders are also great friends, how the President of US, or our great leaders connect with us and influence the destiny of millions are indeed ways of literally befriending us. We have a picture of many individuals within us and consider them as friends and feel connected with them. The 7 friends listed are only the beginning to help you think, and evolve as better friends.

“ To have a good friend. You have to be one. So be nice to one another. So you can be friends forever.”