Twenty five the defining year!

The young people in the ages of 14 to 25, need mentors, and this is the challenge for those above the age of 25. There really are not enough mentors for the young leaders. We need to work with the young  and make a better world. To build bonds with young people is the prime motive of the mentors, and is the only way to build leadership in every individual.

Leadership is the outcome of good motivation, and for this we need to engage and empower the young people. We need to work with the young people in the years below 25, to help them get skilled, be physically fit, serve the community and care for the environment. The four cornerstones of a good individual are thus service, skills, sports and outward bound activity. Leaders are not taught in the classroom but are found in the pursuits under the sky. For mentors the sky is the limit, they must push themselves to walk the talk, and make way for young people who always look up to them for inspiration.

The adult mentors who have found the road to life are the best guides for the young who are undergoing formal education, for those seeking suitable employment, for those keen to acquire skills and more so for those who aspire to live their dreams. The turning point of twenty point is really most important, and is in a way a watershed year.

The mentors live their dreams in the mentored, this is the universal truth. Let us work to fulfil our dreams and guide the future leaders to a better world.

Cheers, to the spirit of youth!

Sandeep Dutt

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