Looking Ahead 2011 -2013

IAYP-India Aims to Achieve the following:

∙         Work with partner organisations to implement a strategic growth plan and work with emerging and existing NAAs to continue to strengthen the Award Programme through training and capacity building helping to deliver the Award to all young people in India

∙         Look at key areas for Award growth impetus including raising the profile and developing dynamic partnerships to extend the reach of the Programme

∙         Continue to establish Open Award Centres and YES Centres – to encourage the participation of youth in the 18 - 25 age groups

∙         Increase reach and capacity in schools and colleges to keep more young people at school and increase year 13 completion rates

∙         Encourage more volunteers and mentors to actively participate in running the Award Programme

∙         Develop capacity on the ground with more resources, including additional development officers to engage additional community partners, train  new Award leaders, enlist new mentors, and encourage more participants

∙         Increase participation and achieve 30,000 active participants in 2011, and by 2013 need to have reached out to 5,00,000 young people in India

∙         Have in place the central database which will provide better management of all Award participants and their Award Programmes.

Inputs from Heidi Hennessy, Fund Raising Manager IAA and IAYP Strategic Plan

Award Programme Foundation