Learn to make way

When you give right of way, you move ahead!

As we go about our daily lives, we are often challenged with traffic jams or road blocks as some would call them. The only way ahead is not to be hedonistic or struggle, just simply give way and you will move ahead. Young people are often challenged by adults and do not get their way, the adults need to understand and give way, the young today know what they want and we have to team up with them for the better future.

The Y-generation thinks fresh, they have no baggage and the adults must respect their right of way in the world. The mentors and guides should not be road blocks, but need to give way to the ideas and help young people ease through the traffic of challenges they face in the world today. The pressure cooker we live in often closes our mind to fresh thought and this is the end of learning and growth. Those who think fresh, stay young always.

Best way to make way, challenge oneself to accept others right of way. No challenge is inrumountable, the youth know this and we must help them lead and make way.

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