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Indias urban whiz kids may be quite different in reality from the picture many of us may have of spoilt brats who spend hours on the internet and the rest of their time splurging on movies and the like.They may also not be as money-obsessed in their career aspirations as they are often made out to be.
A survey of 10,000 children from classes VIII to XII or ages 12 to 18 spread across 11 cities in India has found that over 60% spend on average less than an hour a day on the net and 83% get less than Rs 1,000 a month as pocket money,about two-thirds getting less than Rs 500.
Interestingly,when it comes to career aspirations,the thing most kids wanted from their jobs was new skills,followed by an interesting workplace.A good salary came third in the list of considerations they had.So much for the much-lamented materialism of the new generation.
The choice of careers too is quite different from a generation ago.While IT and engineering were cited among the choices by about 80%,what was revealing was that medicine (39%) is now way down in the pecking order,below even government service (46%).The third preference is media & entertainment (64%).

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