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Quality in education consists of happy teachers, a good student-teacher ratio, modern equipment and adequate space and classroom facilities. A good school should offer facilities for retraining teachers and good salaries at par with related spheres. A well-designed school should have modern aids and teaching devices. A school should be a centre for excellence. It should employ good teachers and pay them well. It should encourage a concern for environment and cleanliness. Above all it should be managed by a dynamic Principal and competent, humane teachers.
Above all it should be managed by a dynamic Principal and competent, humane teachers.
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As the numbers grow the biggest challenge is school leadership development. Quoting from one of my earlier posts, "... my thoughts were at once directed to the head of the school. Should the principal be the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) with due qualification and degrees? Are owner driven schools, which look at the school purely as a business enterprise better than schools run by charities? Such questions always make us think and we do debate this matter often. Many good schools are owner driven and do not have the principal with the degree of an academician.  What is most important however that the Principal / Head of the School should be the Chief Learning Leader".

If you wish to be the Chief Learning Leader and help transform schools  join us ...

In our quest to deliver quality in education we have been given a mandate by school managements to help find school leaders and principals to not only lead the schools but to make the schools future proof. It is very hard for us to do crystal ball gazing and design schools that will live the test of time. The young people who enter the school today will graduate after a decade and a half and in most cases the school leadership will have changed by then! 
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The Principal is the  most important agent of change not only for the school but for the community around the school ecosystem. This makes the search for the right school leadership a big challenge. With my learnings with schools delivering 'affordable quality education', we have discovered the Principal alone is the key to have happy teachers deliver better. The school may not have the best paid staff, but must have a committed staff and a great workplace that empowers people. The Principal as the Chief Learning Leader (CLL) can alone make this a reality.

The Opportunities Available today:

DBN Vidya Mandir schools at Jammu
Shrimati Dewanini V. Badrinath Educational Trust (DBN Trust) has been established by the renowned Dewan family of J& K State, to deliver affordable quality education. The Trust is upgrading their three schools at Jammu and are looking for principals to make the transformation possible. What is most interesting is that in addition to the three positions for Principals they are setting up the DBN Centre of Excellence at Jammu at their school in Amarvilla ( DBN AV).
  • DBN AV has been chosen to be the lead school and we hope this institution will move from a J&K Board affiliate to a CBSE English Medium School in three years. The Training Centre/ DBN Centre of Excellence (COE) will be based out of the DBN Amarvilla School.
  • DBN Centre of Excellence (COE), will have an Advisory Board of eminent people who will help us restore the leadership position of the DBN Schools. 
  • The DBN Schools will have a stake in the DBN COE Project and the heads of the schools will report to Sandeep Dutt of EBD Educational Pvt Ltd. 
If you have the ability to lead, to design a professional development programmes for in-service training of teachers and deliver the school leadership development programme, here is your school leadership opportunity. 

Positions at Jammu

Director - Experienced CBSE stream Principal, mid forties, to lead the Schools Reform Programme at DBN Schools in Jammu. Mandate to set up a Centre of Excellence to deliver in-house staff training and learning. If you would like to settle in Jammu and head the most promising schools project since Indian independence in J & K, please send your expression of interest by email to, in the subject line mention "Director COE".

Principal - Minimum fifteen years of teaching experience in a good school, ability to work as an administrator  and professional qualifications to work in a CBSE affiliated school. To apply for the position of the Principal in one of the DBN schools, kindly put "Principal, Jammu" in the subject line of your email, and send your expression of interest to .

Please note the last date for sending the expression of interest for the school leadership opportunities at Jammu is 15th May 2015.

Find our more about  our work with the DBN Trust visit

School Principal at Bhopal
CBSE, K12+3, Coed, English Medium, Day school with boarding facility. Opening in April 2016 at Bhopal. School being designed and constructed by internationally acclaimed architect. A good curriculum being planned by one of the finest educationists in India. We are advising and helping with school leadership development. Send your expression of interest to by email only to, with "Principal, Bhopal" in the subject line.

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