Professional Development Programme (PDP)

In service training  for school staff leadership development
The school may deliver a structured programme with the help of visiting faculty and experts who take time out to work with the school staff and offer eLearning services.

The Fabindia School in association with EBD Educational Pvt Ltd has set up a Learning Resource Centre (LRC) at Bali village and is offering an opportunity to the school staff and schools in the neighbourhood, for up-skilling and professional development. We are happy to share the structure of the PDP and will appreciate teachers and professionals join us in this effort.

We are working for improving the quality of the education workforce and help the schools deliver better. This is achieved through the delivery of excellence in school operations by involving the community, the school staff and the school management. 

One year
Term time  > Four hours a week, three weeks a month = 12 hours X 8 months = 96 hours
Summer Holidays > Six hours a day, 24 days in the month = 144 hours 
This is the minimum time requirement, individuals may do more in one calendar year.

240 hours of training will empower an educator/ school staff to deliver better in the Classroom and acquire skills to help in the better administration of the school curriculum. 
Comprising of workshops, lectures, conferences, exchanges, research, outward bound excursions and finding solutions to not only teach but learn and help the school deliver better.

A. Once a week the teachers will research in the LRC - use PC, Library, discuss and share learning.
B. Once a week the teachers will work on Fedena (ERP) training, GoogleDrive data management, Software and IT skills. 
This routine may be followed for two weeks in the month. 
In the third week there will be a workshop every month, on challenges and learnings for teachers.

The 240 hours is the recommended time to help the teacher attain the Gold Level Certification of PDP being delivered by The Fabindia School in association with SchoolEudcation.Com. This will be open to the faculty of the school and partner schools. Gold Level will give maximum weight for the KRAs and annual review for an individual.

For participating only in the Summer Programme of 144 hours and improving proficiency the individual will attain the Silver Level Certification. This is open to all schools, they can send participants to stay in Bali and attend the training at The Fabindia School in Bali. On successful completion, a certificate will be awarded.

For industry and innovation by completing the 96 hour sessions spread over eight months the individual will attain the Bronze Level Certification. On successful completion, a certificate will be awarded.

All teachers must register for the PDP in the first week of April and commit themselves to the programme schedule. At the completion of one a level the Teacher will make a presentation and share with the WFSG (whole faculty study group), to show she/he has achieved the desired professional improvement goal. 

A record book is being designed and templates for reports and presentations will be made available as we progress on the PDP programme in the year 2015-16. The assessment will be based on parameters such as Industry, Achievement and Efficiency. The report will be subjective and will not have any marks/ grades.

In the month of April every year there will be a Graduation Ceremony, for Gold Level Certification alone.

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