Outdoor Development Programme

Tomorrow’s successful citizens need to possess the adaptability to cope with a rapidly changing world of work and the responsibility to be an effective member of a community.

Challenging outdoor experiences promote the development of communication, problem solving and decision making skills which have currency across a range of occupations. They encourage a positive "opting in" and "can do" attitude. Young people’s horizons are broadened, new challenges come to be relished rather than shunned, and perseverance and determination are reinforced. Values and attitudes developed in a context of shared endeavour help to form a sound basis for responsible citizenship.

It brings to mind what a renowned personality is known to have said “Don't tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled."

Below please find an e-mailer for our Outdoor Development Programme for you to consider as an option during your Dussera or any other School Holidays.

Email us at sd@ebd.in

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