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We are pleased to offer an opportunity to talented & aspiring Tennis Players to participate in the 1 or 2 weeks Tennis Training Programme as offered by the - Bruguera Tennis Academy at Barcelona – Spain, which is Internationally Acclaimed for the many champions it produces & is duly recognized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF)

The Bruguera Tennis Academy Top Team run by Luis and Sergi Bruguera, is a high performance tennis centre specializing in the development of young tennis players. It was founded in October 1986 with an aim to develop players at various levels to bring them to an international level and to give them a complete and thorough teaching experience as well developing the player as an individual.

The Academy runs its programme through the year & provides the players with all the facilities and equipment necessary without having to leave the centre, all within 12kms from  Barcelona in the beautiful natural surroundings of its countryside.

Individual players are welcome, however it is recommended that participants travel in groups of 2 or more. 

Please email us at   We will respond ASAP!

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