Map of enlightenment

My map of enlightenment now has twelve dimensions, five of these are ways of thought ( wordless languages): Visualization, Intuition, Higher Mathematics, Creativity and the Superconscious. Visualization, Intuition and Higher Mathematics (the creative and artistic form) were used by Einstein, Schroedinger, Heisenberg and Dirac that solved problems of Quantum physics  in the 1920s that had brought physicists to despair.
Many students leave school  only able to think in words, a limited and undynamic way of thought. But even worse for them, the  Joy of Life that comes from creative thought is lost: ideas  of the visual dimensions of the brain including mathematics must make it the most beautiful object we can possess in the universe, leading to four Elixirs of life: Prose poem of the Oceanic Elysium.

1.   Beauty that Einstein sought lifelong : ‘New and Beautiful Laws of Nature’. Beauty and beautiful things are in religion also: when the disciple Ananda said ‘ Love of beauty is the half of the Holy Life’. The Buddha rebuked him: Say not so, Ananda! Love of beauty is not the half but the whole of the Holy Life.’      

2.   The ‘hissing’ of the Mysteries is the Superconscious state of heightened   creativity giving us the golden goose of Rumi  that let him write the sublimest golden poems every night. Great poets like Kabir when they mention the Ocean refer to this same hissing.    

3.  Peak Experiences of Abraham Maslow: Creative Raptures, Breakthroughs,  Mystic Experiences, Eureka Moments are the greatest mental joys that human beings, such as the highest people of his hierarchy- the Peakers, can experience.   

4. Dr Bolte Taylor’s Nirvana brain (the creative hemisphere) has all the visual elements of the brain so it is the Infinity mind of Creatopia, whose images are like  jewels of the fabulous Golconda mine. She said it  gave her ’euphoria and deep inner peace’.  Like Thoreau, we can walk for ever in the Elysian Fields of our own minds.  

Ted Falconar.

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