Power of Now

Youth is the power of now, and has to lead us into tomorrow. Their vision will shape our destiny, and this has been proven time and again. Microsoft, Facebook, Hotmail, all new technologies and services of today are an expression of the young. Their music, art, fashion, taste, logic, creative instinct has a special place in every society.

We have to live for today and enjoy the power of now, as this epitomizes the life and power of the youth in all of us. The present shapes future, best we let the power of now be with our young and accept them for their leadership. The role of a community and nation is to offer a good environment to equip for life the young. No nation can survive without the spirit of youth. The leaders have all got to listen to the youth and enable the present to fulfill their needs. We need today to invest for our future and the best way is to help the youth get the power of now.

This present moment is best lived by the young, and the fun they have adds real value to life and well being. Let not our quest for a good life, ever deprive the youth the opportunity to lead and take charge of their now and help build a better tomorrow.

Power of Now is all we have!

Sandeep Dutt
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