Victory for the young person

"Victory belongs to the most persevering." Napoleon

The IAYP India in addition to Zones, now has licensed operators in business and social sectors.

1. Zones have their strength in the Schools delivery model. The Schools are the main stay, and are doing good work.

2. YES Centres help in promoting and building the quality of the Award, they provide access to participants through the Open Centre.

3. YES Business Partners are the adventure operators, who are trained to serve the needs of the Programme, and also help individuals join in.

4. Special Projects are supported by the National Office and help young people get equipped for life, they are supported with resources too.

5. Corporate sector employs young people, and is working to build participation and help engage young people effectively.

With a good supply chain, and infrastructure we are sure to provide the Award to young people more effectively. All of us are sailing together for only one goal, the young participant who must be equipped for life. We have more brand awareness and the whole country will deliver the Award with the same look and feel, as the production and distribution of all materials are now from the National Office alone.

Yes, as we are all persevering to build the Award in India, we will succeed, victory for the young participant is the only reality.
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