Learning from youth

All lessons are for the youth and from the youth! The energy of life is the true youth, and this is what keeps us all young. The only way to make a better world is to effectively engage youth, and provide them the best possible mentoring to learn and lead a life of fun and adventure.

We are working for a better world and youth is the true innovation that will make this happen. It is imperative to enable the young to live in harmony with nature and to create a positive community environment. As adults we need to learn what the true needs of the young are, this will not enable us to fulfill our role as mentors but enhance our skills and further strengthen the system to bring about positive change.

Young adults are the leaders of change, and the Award Programme enables positive action. There is no pecuniary reward at the end of the learning rainbow, and there is no end for learning. We all have to partner and motivate the young to lead us.

Award Programme Foundation

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