Today is the day when you have to decide for yourself!

Decision making is an art and fortunate are those who can do this wisely. 

Education helps us decide for ourselves, by helping us experiment and find the best way ahead. There is nothing known as perfect education and what is the best decision for an individual to take. The art of decision making is best perfected with experience and most important by the ability of an individual to take a risk and what is often referred to as 'take the call'.

Listen to the voice within before you decide for yourself, and this is the most difficult step for many of us. Many are drowned in the din and the continuous flow of thoughts that will not help you think and take the call. You can only decide if you can concentrate, and in today's world to concentrate for many young folks will be a challenge. To listen to yourself with the deafening noise in today's world is becoming increasingly difficult. We multi-task, look here and see there, have peer pressure, have the want of the consumerist society pushing us, there is the pressure to perform, all this makes you weak and thus you often are not able to decide for yourself.

We are at a point today where we have had to develope a profession of Counselling, and this today seems a necessity for most of the teens and people who need to school themselves. The Counsellor is none other than your inner-self. Your best counsel will never come from a person who does this for money, as they only preach and often do not even practice. We have today advisers, guides, mentors, gurus... and then we have followers and simply those who follow the herd! This happens as we do not listen to ourselves and take the decision, when the guru states the obvious and what we like to hear, we find this positive and feel that you can take the decision with his best advice.

Every individual is special and needs to have her/his personality develope completely and live to the fullest. For helping you fulfil your very own aspirations, you have to decide for yourself, and this happens every moment. With a cool head and a warm heart, you must evaluate what is best for you and then take the decision. Taking a decision to simply what to eat, what to do, where to go and many more what we feel inconsequential moments, but what is common is that you need to decide for yourself. As we grow up we start taking our decisions, and this is what good education must empower us to do.

When we take a decision we have pros and cons, and every moment is unique for yourself, so best you breathe easy and decide for yourself and go along the road less travelled.

Hope this small article helps you think and find the leader in yourself, welcome to email me on and share your thoughts.

Sandeep Dutt