Why good education means a good society |

Why good education means a good society |: "The world’s largest democracy is ailing. The economy has failed to respond to the government’s various stimulus plans, most politicians meant to serve this democracy are a little too busy serving themselves generously, and social issues plague India a well. This seemingly diverse pool of problems has one shockingly simple solution: education. A majority of the Indian polity is under the age of 25. In the next two decades, these citizens will walk into different spheres of life in different capacities, shaping the new India. I believe education can play the key catalyst in this positive transformation. Currently, our nation’s public schools are undervalued, overexploited and considered a means to an end. There are a limited number of career prospects after studies, and the exchange of knowledge is executed in an extremely utilitarian manner. Words and numbers are ingested the night before and vomited out on exam day. Even in St. Stephens and the other bigwig colleges, the situation is dire. Having spoken to some alumni from these institutions I can confidently say that we have a long way to go."

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Madhav Dutt is the resident cartoonist for The Young Citizen. Madhav has always been intrigued by journalism and reportage. He believes that the ability to convey your views on issues of global importance is unparalleled, be it through the written word or the illustrated figure. As the erstwhile editor of his school’s newspaper, Madhav enjoyed drawing and writing on a wide range of global events. As an editorial cartoonist, his goal is not just to trivialise, but to sensitise!