Creating Green Schools by mimicking nature!

Imagine being able to embrace nature and all its gifts and yet making economic sense out of it!!  By incorporating learnings from nature or Bio-mimicry into your work, you can increase efficiency in carrying out Wastewater treatment, Solid Waste Management and Organic Gardening. 

Today there exist solutions and  technologies to mitigate pollution in schools, provide substantial cost savings and conserve nature through recycling. Clover Organics Pvt Ltd are currently focused on 3 areas of intervention: wastewater treatment, solid waste management and converting existing gardens into organic gardens. They have very successfully implemented the solutions at The Doon School in Dehradun and The Lawrence School, Sanawar. 

Wastewater is treated scientifically so that the treated water meets Pollution Control Board’s norms, there is no foul odour or vectors and the water can be recycled for non-potable uses like irrigation, floor washing or flushing in toilets. What’s more, the running cost of treatment is reduced as they also use eco-friendly microbes to eat into the organic waste. Thus savings in energy and chemical usage is greatly reduced.

Any organic waste from kitchen and gardens is composted within 45 days without incurring any Capital costs as such. There is no need of any cow dung. They can convert existing gardens into organic gardens through simple techniques. 

The Lawrence School has started receiving > 38 KL of recycled water, which is being used for gardening and flushing. This has freed fresh water of equal quantity and now the School is surplus in water requirements.

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