Going to School

Do we ever graduate from the school of learning? 

Many may say that when they graduate from a school to move up the employment ladder, our school life comes to an end! This, in fact, is just the beginning, as when you are in knowledge acquisition mode you are the receiver and this is what our schools today deliver. When we move on to learning for life, get the real and valuable application of knowledge at work or in life, our 'wealth of knowledge' starts growing dramatically. While K-12 is often thought of as the schooling process, in reality, it is just the infancy. Yes some gifted and genius young minds are way ahead of many, yet the learners work their way up the ladder and as we grow in life all move to the infinite zone.

Knowledge is infinite, it is not defined by a score and so how can we ever leave school! The school is where learning is embedded and life itself is the biggest learning. Acquisition of knowledge is really the developing of a fertile mind, and as our mind crosses the frontiers of learning we move on in life. Words and language are the tools of knowledge building, it is only when we have our extra sensory perception evolve do we actually start getting the dividend of 'going to school'. Yes, learning is the biggest giver of joy and freedom to an individual and the key to quality in education. As we grow we find that the best part of school was the fun and the carefree nature of life. For us to grow our mind we must be in the mode of appreciating the joy of learning and not just consider 'going to school' as a basic necessity of our modern society.

Learning is a gift and more we value this, more will we appreciate the meaning of life. Life begins with learning, flowers with learning and never ends. When we look at the philosophy of the creative infinity mind, we will see that the school of learning empowers us by taking us on a journey of finding ourselves. Successful are the people who are able to delve within, reflect, learn and lead their own lives. Education is freedom with responsibility, and learning is the bedrock of education.

Yes, we build schools…but that isn't enough. To create lasting change, we must never graduate from the learning environment and this is what we all must appreciate about the schooling process. A school is an environment and not a structure, it is an ecosystem and it will indeed be apt to say that life is the school for the living!

The views of the Sandeep Dutt as the author are his personal views, please. Kindly email him for comments if any, sd@ebd.in

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