Next Education April 2013

The most important object of our educational institutions is to help each student to realize his personality, as an individual representing his people, in such broad spirit, that he may know how it is the most important fact of his life for him to have been born to the great world of man. 
Rabindranath Tagore

If you want a better life, there is only one way of getting it - Education.
Not just educating yourself but also educating the world.
Not just educating the mind, but also the physical, the spiritual.
Not just educating the obvious, but also that which lies below the surface.
Expanding ones inner horizon is the only remedy for understanding the hows and whys of life on earth, its purpose, its future.
Much has been written by seers across the ages; seers not only of the ascetic kind but anyone who dared to seek beyond and in between and under. Join them. Look beyond. Dare to think. And educate. Our new issue is doing just that.

Until the next time...
Editor, Next Future