Message for Young India

Yogender Chaudhry writes-
A young lady executive in a MNC came to meet me with a smartly dressed young man . Later on she asked my opinion about this young man. she wanted to marry him. I personally thought that the young man was dense in brain , lacked manners and etiquette , was showing off too much and his body language was of someone whom you cannot trust . During interaction with him he also betrayed a very negative mindset and utter disrespect for women ....lolz....the way i am ....i conveyed it to this young friend in as much polite language as possible :))

She was visibly upset and replied " Sir , how can you say that he is not good.... Do u know he drives the latest BMW , his wrist watch costs 22 lakh rs , usne mujhe itni sari shopping karwayi , do u know he got me a customized iPhone 5 with my name engraved on that , he is so stylish and only wears exclusive designer made cloths :)

Here lies the problem of most of the youngsters ....

They adjudge people by the money they have , by the car they drive or the page 3 parties they attend .....they are least bothered about how this person got that money or what are his other qualities !

Hence a Kalmadi , a Raja , a Abhishek Verma and thousands of others plays on this weakness of the society . They know and understand that once they loot the money....this money will give them respectability in society , that same youth who burns candles on India Gate against rape n corruption will slurp when they see their Rolls Royce and Lamborghini . They don't realize that when they equate wealth with respectability ....than they are indirectly promoting the corrupt . Crookedness cant be equated with smartness or efficiency or ability. Please look at the source of the wealth . Also look at the personality and ethics of a rich or powerful person.

Marcus Aurelius , the Roman Emperor when asked by a friend on how many of his civil servants inspite of being selected through a exam are so mean and vicious" said this in his classic diary " the temptation"....
" never adjudge a man according to his Birth , status , wealth or intellect . Rather high IQ is historically associated with the meanest moral character. Its is their high IQ which forces them to be extremely servile to those in power above in hierarchy and absolutely mean and uncaring to those below them because they don't matter in their scheme and calculations.
Rather a man should only be adjudged only on the basis of his positive attitude and his contribution to society. See how he behaves with those below him in status. See if he is humble and makes others comfortable around himself . See if he is kind to pets and animals ....see if he respects the elders and women. "

Pls look beyond the BMW's, Rolls Royce , designer clothes and page 3 parties .

It will not be easy but see if you can stem this negative change in society's perception about judging People :)
- Yogender Chaudhry has been a mentor to many young people, and is a serving Civil Services professional in India.

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