Inside-out Youth Leadership

The Ocean in a Drop

Why is only 6.3 percent of the current Lok Sabha between the ages of 25-40 years, even though 50 percent of the population lies in that range? Why is India, the youngest nation, ruled by the oldest cabinet?

It wan't always so. Young people constituted as much as 26 percent and 32 percent of the first and second Lok Sabhas, respectively. So what happened? Have young people become so self-absorbed that they don not want to contribute to the society any longer?

On the contrary, this book suggests that the answer may lie in the fact that we have lost the link that connects the Self to Society. As Buddha said, "The foot feels the foot when it hits the ground." The authors believe that this vital link can be reestablished in a learning experience called the 5th Space that takes young people on a journey from the Self to Soceity.

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