Creative infinity Mind is a revolution of human thought

Nisaragadatta Maharaj mystic of Bombay (Mumbai): Everything is a picture made of light. 
David Bohm (Physicist). Objects are a kind of condensed or frozen light.  
                                               - Dr Kathleen Raine praised these  poetic insights.

John Keats:   Beauty is Truth and Truth Beauty. This is all ye know on Earth and all ye need to know.

Testament of Love . There is no thing in all the world but love, no jubilant thing of sun or shade  worth one sad tear. Why dost thou ask my lips to fashion songs other than this my song of love to thee?    The Camel Rider. Translated by Wilfred  Scawen Blunt from Arabic.

Rumi:  Kings would become disillusioned with Kingship if they caught a whiff of those wines that lovers drink in the heart’s assembly. Rumi wrote of the nightly migration in sleep to the spiritual world; and we too must learn to migrate to the Orient and the infinity mind of the Mystic Sea Folk, who alone understand mystic languages.

Testament of Compassion. I felt for Thoreau and John Keats as young men dying of TB. Thoreau was pitied for his mean and unfortunate destiny by his fellow villagers of Concord, New Hampshire. They called him ‘ The Humblest, cheapest, least dignified man in the village.’  He asked  “ In what respect was a human village superior to a village of prairie  dogs?”   And we may ask of our corrupt politicians and inhuman nurses responsible  for the killing of  2000 patients  by  neglect. “In what respect are these word thinkers lacking compassion and love, superior  to the murderous Kings and  priests of Chimor and the Aztecs of  America’. I intend to write farther at the end of Creative Wisdom on this topic of the mystic world and the exploration of Infinity mind following Rumi’s example as an Explorer of the mind.

Creative infinity Mind is a revolution of human thought; the sheer number of ways of thought and the hissing of Oceanic Thought make our minds different to our forebears’. I think of Rolls Royce growing crystals of pure steel for their aero engines’ turbine blades giving them amazing  endurance. In mystic thought beauty is like this crystallization for it permeates thought giving a  wonder world ability like a miracle. It leads to the greatest minds there have ever been, minds that are also the most beautiful: minds worthy of the splendour and beauty of the Cosmos.  

Ted Falconar