Youth power at core

A nation is powered by the youth, from the economist point of view the youth works to grow the GDP, demographic dividend for our nation will be delivered only when we have youth power propel the nation. The real need of the society today is to value the youth and empower them to lead us, help them with meaningful education and skills and make them live their aspirations.

Youth engagement in every policy and development initiative will lead to sustainable development. To build a great workforce and have youth be the catalyst for the development of the nation we need to invest in our youth. Yes, it is not mere brick and mortar that is termed as investment, what we need is the right ecosystem for the personal and social development of our young people. Building meaningful relationships, offering an opportunity to lead and access to investment in the dreams of the young will help the nation reap the dividend of national development.

Good Economics or Good Politics, you may call it what you want...all need to have youth at the core. Once the core is strong we will be able to build the best possible model for development. Let us all tread carefully and ensure that the dreams and aspirations of the young people are not lost, if this becomes a reality we will really have a rotten core. Age catches up and ideas too are fresh when delivered by the youth!

- Sandeep Dutt <>

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