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After Sandeep had completed his work as Representative of the Duke of Edinburgh to Empower the Youth of India, he has taken on the task of working with his old friend Ted Falconar whom he met in his home town Dehra Dun, where Ted was an Officer Cadet at the Indian Military Academy. Creative Infinity Mind with its vast scope and use of Oceanic poetic thought, which is the secret of Mystic Poetry, being the essence of Religions, is the ideal training. Sandeep has made a striking start on this through numerous groups on the internet. Another movement has started in the USA , independent of India.

The creative infinity way of thought  used by the greatest minds in science  is the very harvest of life and an ideal; training for the youth of India. By contrast the word worlds make existence dismal,  many people being engaged elsewhere in recreation, sports and other escapes from the creative life. Whereas Rumi wrote of the joy of the nights from which most of his beautiful ideas came. Mysticism is the supreme beauty of Religion whose poems like the beauty of the  equations of science are the most important part of them.

I have followed the sport of car racing. The handsome drivers are idolized, the real intelligence is in the car designers. In 2012 one of the innovations was called KERS:  kinetic energy  recovery system entailing taking the waste energy from the severe braking, and using it to increase the top speed of the car. This is a clear  example of using creative infinity mind. Another by the owner of Lotus,  Colin Chapman was to hollow the floorboard to induce the ground effect enabling his  cars to go round corners far faster than other cars. The sport of car racing is a continuing improvement in the speed and beauty of the cars, which is seen everywhere in technology and science: aircraft, spaceships, all spurred on by creative infinity mind.

In contrast to the wonder worlds of Creative Infinity Mind are organisations that use words too much and lose the ability to visualize or use infinity mind, namely Schools, Churches from Seminaries, the Law with their precedents.

Ted Falconar

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