YES it is a new year!

The beginning of a new year brings along with it new aspirations, resolutions and expectations. The beginning of a new year marks the beginning of a new journey...a fresh start. As we embark on a new journey, let us look back and cherish the path travelled.

Just like you all, the Youth Engaging Society has come a long way. We cannot believe that it has just been six months since the time we commenced operations in Delhi. These six months have changed a lot in the lives of all those who have been directly or indirectly involved with any or all of our projects.

The Youth Engaging Society being a young organization, inspires the young guns of today, to add a pinch of the following ingredients to their lives: leadership, dynamism, creativity, innovation, risk taking and open mindedness, since all of the aforementioned ingredients are vital for a successful life. Our motto is to empower the youth by providing them with appropriate guidance which in turn helps them to develop the right set of skills.

Being a part of the youth and interacting with the youth on a regular basis makes us aware of the various types of pressures that are existent in today’s society; peer pressure, pressure to compete, pressure to focus just on studies, etc. In order to free the young minds from such a complicated and pressurizing system, we started conducting YES workshops in schools and colleges. These workshops focused on the YES way which redefines the term ‘EDUCATION’. People at YES believe that education means much more than just gaining bookish knowledge. It means to focus on each of the elements of the 4S formula – Study, Service, Sports and Skills.

Over the past six months, we have conducted successful workshops in schools like Tagore International, Assam Valley, Doon School, Hopetown, G.D. Goenka, etc. We are elated and obliged to receive such a positive response from people pertaining to different age groups. We intend to organize these enriching workshops in many more organizations because we wish to motivate and encourage as many young people as possible.

We wish you all a very happy new year and hope to inspire you to have a challenging life filled with loads of success and happiness.

All the best!

V Shruti

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