Creativity and Infinity Mind

Paintings by Charlotte Henry
Creativity and Infinity mind turns everything into beauty. Equations of Einstein, Dirac,  Schroedinger are so beautiful that they ravish scientific mathematical  minds. The poetry of  the Ocean is the most beautiful there has ever been and it comes from a hissing in the mind that others listening to Doctors and Psychiatrists think is the curse of tinitus. It comes from the Mysteries-they thought they were changing humans into Gods.

Artistic Architects put up monuments, buildings and viaducts to the glory of humanity. Engineers of genius must design instruments, cars, planes so they are as beautiful as poems. The real religion comes from mystic poetry, not understandable by our church leaders who are image blind (mutukallimun-people of words).

Already flowers are bred for their beauty and scent but have far to go. Jewels of the sea in fish and coral have achieved little to enhance aquariums. And what of birds- bea eaters, hummingbirds, birds of paradise and butterflies? Above all is the need for vast improvements of our creative infinity brains.

The very rich with their verbalized uncreative brains live a squalid life of luxury, no better than ordinary verbalizers.

- The Creative Wisdom of Tahasa Falconar

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