The Creative Infinity Renaissance

My hope is to spend my life  in the  creative infinity mind using deep meditation that gives entry to the world of the hissing ocean. Here I will escape from the verbal mind and become one of San ai’s Sea Folk. Words are dead languages, to be vivified only by creative infinity mind; the same method applies to the whole of life, utterly transforming it so we become ‘real’ poets, our lives repeatedly beautified by creative rapture. The beautiful minds is the beautiful life: the wonder mind is the wonder life.

The  Year 2012 held the Olympic games and Paralympics in London. The Paralympics were mind changing in that eight out of ten witnesses of the games surveyed had undergone a change in their brains in that the horrific injuries and the amazing triumphs over them had inspired spectators whose loud cheering astonished the athletes and those who watched them. From their habitual life in the artificial world of prosaic words, they had gained a glimpse of the real world  of creative infinity mind, full of emotions and wonder. Only when we are lost for words do we start to see the infinite reality.

Tahasa Falconar
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