Hopetown Girls' School

Hopetown aims to develop young minds that enjoy the challenges of inquiry, knowledge and experimentation. Seeks to enable all children to explore their multifaceted talents and facilitate opportunities for celebration of these talents. 

A fully residential school for girls and believes in sound Indian value systems, works to bringing up children in a happy, positive and nurturing atmosphere. The school professes secularism and encourages respect of all religions, beliefs, customs and opinions. The school’s curriculum and ethos provides opportunities for students to develop into compassionate, caring human beings who will contribute positively to the world they live in.  

Hopetown Girls’ School is affiliated to the ICSE Board and offers the ICSE and ISC curriculum to its Board students. The number of subjects on offer is varied and caters to the interests of girls looking for careers in modern India. These range from the traditional Humanities, Sciences and Commerce to the Arts and PE. The curriculum ensures that students are engaged in experiential learning, which is learning for life. Students receive formal education in Drama, Music, Art & Craft, Life Skills, Languages, IT, General Knowledge and Physical Education. These additional subjects develop students in areas of personality, ethics and citizenship. The school provides sports, skills and service opportunity to all the students and helps them to nurture their interests.

On 9th Sept 2012, the school will be the venue for the YES Workshop, a group of 30 young people will set out on a journey of finding yourself!

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