See the YES Workshop in reel life!

YES Workshop 25th. Aug 2012

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This day will go down as the turning point in the lives of ten young people!
  1. Keshav Bajaj
  2. Jigyasa Labroo
  3. Sanjog Singh Ahuja
  4. Srivattsan Ramesh
  5. Nirvaan Garg
  6. Surya Pahal
  7. Neeru Gupta
  8. Pallavi Bhardwaj
  9. Gaurav Singh
  10. Apula Singh
We hope they will live up to their very own expectations and find themselves, as this is the biggest reward. It is our belief they have been able to connect with their inner self and will now build their lives around their dreams. We wish them the very best, and are most grateful to them for the courage in our ability to deliver this first ever YEL (Youth Empowerment & Leadership) workshop at our YES studio in New Delhi.

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