Youth and intellgence

The youth today are not only connected but are more perceptive to change. Gone are the days of the infantry led march approach, which simply had the youth follow a leader. The young today are questioning, open minded and  their intelligence quotient is perhaps higher than those who have lived in the closed economy era. When we reach out to the young in schools, colleges and other forums they show a better understanding of issues and challenges poised to the modern world. This is perhaps what makes them stand apart and think globally.

The youth today are not only simple doers, but are high achievers and work to raise the bar for themselves. Their ability to question and reason with the adults is their strength and mentors must take this in a positive light. There is no reason to label the young as rebels, but there is the need for us to understand how they are different and how we too need to adapt to their changing needs. As mankind has evolved and there is the need for a higher level of mental peformance to match the faster microprocessors... we must do all to enable the young and help their intelligence guide us tool.

There is a leader today in each young person, and this is surely the biggest opportunity. Moving from the industrial era to a time of service and endless opportunity, the young will have to build their intelligence even further to maybe beat the speed of light too. The need to resepect the young and colloborate with them to enable, empower and equip them to the needs of the ever chaning world is indeed the only way for a society to develop.

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