The Leader is within you

Leadership is nothing but finding yourself, look in to the mirror and see what it says.

We must have the courage to follow our heart and choose our paths, the mind and the heart in unison will help us find ourselves. Young people need to be given the opportunity to be heard, seen and even act. Often the leader within is stifled due to circumstance. Young people think fresh and this too is nothing but leadership. Look at yourself like a spring, and more our push yourself the energy will do a rebound and even stronger. It is all within you and we all have to work to make it happen.

When young and the old (grown ups of age) coexist there is often the pressure to respect age and this is indeed the challenge. The world has seen fresh and new ideas emanate from the young and this is where the leaders are. Young people are able to see all the colours in the prism and will be better leaders. There is the need to let every colour and shade be present to make white light. Yes, the white light is the brightest and that is what the leadership is about.

We have to offer the best possible opportunity, environment and create the energy for the young to reflect within and find the leader in themselves. The leaders are within and must be given the rightful place. Learning is  two-way, the young and the old must work to find the leader within. Wake up...find the leader in yourself, this will strengthen you, enhance your self esteem and will make your dreams come true.

Cheers for the young and let us follow them for a better tomorrow.

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